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        Made In Maui County
A seal of local pride that stands for quality and Aloha.


About The Made in Maui Trade Council…

The Made in Maui County Trade Council is a committee of The Maui Chamber of Commerce with members working together to increase awareness of our locally made products. Our trademarked “Made in Maui", "Made in Lana'i" and "Made in Moloka'i" seals are a sign to the consumer of a products local Maui County origin and that at least 51% of the value added to the product was done in Maui County. The idea is that Made in Maui County products have local people behind them. “Local people, Local pride!, it’s an emphasis on these products as part of a new economy, beyond tourism.”

The now-familiar seal of the Council is only one of the services provided for members. Bumper stickers are everywhere urging, “Buy Made in Maui First.” Turbinado sugar packets distributed all over the mainland and items like the Ulupalakua Raspberry jam jars carry a logo promising the contents “Made in Maui to consumers nationwide.” The Made in Maui County website is a hub for reaching individual members sites to order their products. There are also from time to time cooperative trade show deals, allowing businesses too small to participate in shows themselves to have fair and knowledgeable representation. And, as Maui products increase their market shares outside Hawaii, there are container-sharing schemes in the making and plans to use shared brokers and distributors in the Asia-Pacific region and on the mainland. 

Active participants in the Made in Maui County Festival are automatically members of the program and have use of their island's seal of quality and local pride. Their membership is continued with each year they participate in the event. Those who meet the 51% valuation of having their products locally-made who have not recently or may not be interested in participating in the festival can still participate in this valuable promotional program. Annual membership in the Made in Maui Trade Council is available for a small additional fee to any qualified business.

For more information on The Made in Maui Trade Council programs and membership call us at 808-244-0081 or email

Made In Maui County Members


See the people who are making quality products right here in Maui, Hawaii.

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Made In Maui's History


Learn about the Made In Maui Trade Council's early beginnings and how this program continues to build today.

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Made In Maui County Membership

Membership is available for a nominal fee to those who meet the 51% value added in Maui County qualification.

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