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Donate Today to Help Maui Businesses

Impacted by Wildfires

The Maui Chamber of Commerce is accepting donations through our Maui Chamber of Commerce Foundation 501c(3) organization (EIN 99-0292518). 

100% of donations will be going towards business grants. Grants will be provided to businesses on a priority basis given the level of impact and to those who have a continuity plan or plan to pivot. Grants will be provided in the amount of $10,000-$30,000. The goal is to help the business owner(s) and their employees sustain themselves as we work to continue to recover from this disaster and rebuild.

As a business organization, we recognize the importance of donations for social service organizations who are helping with immediate needs. We also understand that we have to also focus on business recovery to provide employment to our residents and help our overall economy and sustainability.


We are also raising funds for the building of the Owlalu Fire Station (click here for more information) and the Construction Industry of Maui (CIM) and their Rebuild Maui Fund. If you have a preference for where your funds go (impacted business grants, CIM/Rebuild Maui, or fire station), please note that in the Reference section on the Donate page. 



Dear Beloved Friends of Maui,

I write to you with a heavy heart, as our beautiful island of Maui has recently faced a catastrophe that has left our hearts shattered and our beloved Lahaina town in ruins. The wildfires that swept across the island have left behind a trail of devastation affecting businesses, homes, and the very essence of our vibrant community with many lives tragically lost.

Maui, a place that has touched each of us in its own unique way, now needs our help more than ever. As we look upon the charred landscapes and the once-thriving businesses reduced to ashes, it's a painful reminder of the fragility of our paradise. But it's also a powerful reminder of our resilience, unity, and the love we hold for this cherished island.

In times like these, we must rally together to support our fellow Maui residents who have been deeply impacted by this tragedy. The Maui Chamber of Commerce, a cornerstone of our community since 1910, has been steadfast in its commitment to improving our economy, helping businesses grow and thrive, and advocating for our shared interests.

It's essential to recognize that the Maui Chamber of Commerce is not just about business – it's about community, about coming together in times of crisis. Our efforts extend far beyond the economic realm. For instance, the Maui Quarantine Fund, a historic initiative dating back to 1900, demonstrates our long commitment to addressing critical issues. The Maui Quarantine Fund was established to manage rat control after an epidemic of bubonic plague stopped Kahului’s development, with much of Kahului deliberately burned to the ground to destroy the rats, which carried the disease.  In the 1940s, the remaining tax funds were entrusted to the Maui Chamber to best deploy them in the community.  Today, we stand at the forefront of efforts to again rebuild, to restore hope, and to create a better future for Maui.

I implore you, my dear friends, to open your hearts and lend a helping hand. The Maui Chamber of Commerce is leading the charge in raising funds to support the businesses and employees who have suffered immense losses due to the fires. Every donation, no matter the size, is a beacon of hope for those in need, a symbol of our collective commitment to the well-being of our Maui ohana. 

But the challenges we face do not end with the fires. We must also address the urgent need for the Oluwalu Fire Station, a crucial addition to ensure the safety of our communities. This fire station, situated in an area vulnerable to these disasters, will be a lifeline, providing protection for our homes, our businesses, and the very heart of Maui itself.

100% of all donations will go toward these efforts, with no administration fees deducted.

Please, my dear friends and members of Maui’s ohana, join me in making a meaningful difference. Your generosity, your compassion, and your love for Maui can ignite the spark of recovery, rebuild our beloved Lahaina, and ensure that the fires' scars do not define our future.

Together, we can protect what we hold dear – our economy, our environment, our quality of life, and the spirit of Maui that binds us all. Visit the Maui Chamber of Commerce website, make a donation, and stand with us as we rise from the ashes, stronger and more united than ever.

With heartfelt aloha, gratitude and unwavering hope,

Pamela Tumpap


Maui Chamber of Commerce


Mahalo to Our Generous Donors