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About Da Pawer L.L.C. DBA Da Power Electric

In 2024, Da Power Electric celebrates its foundation as a family-owned venture, co-founded by Felipe Rodriguez Egana and Solange, whose collective vision and expertise have steered the company towards becoming a trusted name in Hawaii's electrical services sector. Together, they embarked on this journey with a shared commitment to excellence, aiming to provide unparalleled services to families and businesses alike.

Felipe Rodriguez Egana brings to the table over 19 years of experience in the construction industry, with a passion for electrical work that traces back to his childhood. His early endeavors in building RF toys and repairing electrical fixtures laid the groundwork for his professional path. Felipe's expertise was further shaped by an apprenticeship program in New Zealand in 2007, leading to significant roles in the United States and eventually the establishment of roots in Maui in 2015. His journeyman's experience, combined with a certification in Electrical Technology from UH Maui College, culminated in obtaining a contractor's license in September 2019, marking the official start of Da' Power Electric.

Solange, as the co-founder, is the administrative linchpin of Team Da Power Electric. Her extensive academic background, including an MBA in Finance, a BBA in Business, and a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, equips her exceptionally well for overseeing the company's accounting and marketing strategies. Solange's innovative, ambitious, and confident approach has been instrumental in guiding Da Power Electric's ascent as a distinguished and reliable entity in Maui's electrical service industry.

Together, Felipe and Solange's complementary skills and shared values have solidified Da Power Electric's reputation as a family-operated business that prioritizes quality, efficiency, and personalized service. Their leadership continues to inspire the company's growth and commitment to serving the community with integrity and expertise.

Products & Services



  • Residential Services


    24 Hour Electrical Emergency Service

    24-Hour Maui Emergency Electrician
    We’re available to help when you need it the most.
    Free Estimates, Emergency Repairs


    Electrical panel upgrades and replacements

    Replacing Circuit Breaker Switch or Fuse
    Circuit Breakers Panels Repairs
    Electrical safety inspection


    Electrical troubleshooting

    Lighting Installation, Repair And Upgrades
    Repair or upgrade of Switches, Dimmers, Occupancy And Motion
    Electric Troubleshooting/Inspections


    Wiring and rewiring

    Indoor and outdoor lighting installation or upgrade
    EV charging station installation
    Electrical remodeling and renovation



  • Commercial Services


    24-Hour Emergency Commercial Electrical Repairs
    Overnight Emergency Repairs
    Business & Industrial Electrical Emergencies


    3 Phase & Single Phase Electrical Panels

    Electrical Fit Out Of New Premises
    Equipment Upgrade
    Equipment Installation


    Lighting Installation, Repair And Upgrades

    Exit & Emergency Lighting Systems
    External And Security Lighting
    Switches, Dimmers, Occupancy And Motion



    Repairs And Rewiring Of Power Circuits
    Meter Bases
    Control Repair

Primary Company Location
1103 Kahaapo Loop
Da Pawer L.L.C. DBA Da Power Electric

Member Employees

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Company Contact

Felipe Rodriguez Egana
Da Pawer L.L.C. DBA Da Power Electric