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About Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC

Put the comfort and safety of your home in the hands of the experienced professionals at Bowman Termite & Pest Management, LLC. We’ll ensure that the uninvited guest in your home is removed once and for all.

We hate to see our customers waste time on home remedies and expensive products. That’s why we take special care to ensure that we treat the problem so that it’s gone and treated long after we leave.

Family-Owned and -Operated Since 1978

Having dreams of owning their own business, Evelyn and Bruce Bowman started their fumigation business over 35 years ago. After that business was sold, they started Bowman Termite & Pest Management, LLC. in 2001 and have been growing their business ever since.

Quality Service and Professional Treatment

We take special care to ensure each of our 45 employees provides exceptional service in their work on all islands. It’s important that you know that when you choose us, you’re getting, “Quality, Integrity, and Aloha.”

Comprehensive Termite and Pest Removal Services

Bowman Termite & Pest Management is a family run business that serves Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and the Big Island. The owners, Bruce and Evelyn Bowman, have over 40 years of experience in the pest control and termite removal industry.

Proud members of the Hawaii Pest Control Association, we offer superior fumigation services, pest control, termite inspections, rodent control, bird control, bed bug treatment, you name it we can help.

With FREE ESTIMATES on all our work and a WARRANTY of 2 to 5 years on our fumigation services, we believe you will be happy with our pest control services.

Selecting a Termite and Pest Management Company

  • Bowman Termite has the highest approval ratings of all termite and pest management companies in the state of Hawaii.
  • Bowman Termite is Family owned, Jill Bowman Childers, Wakon Childers, Jennifer Pimental, and Jeff Bowman. Evelyn and Bruce Bowman originated the company and are still happily working for Bowman Termite.
  • Bowman Termite Services the entire State of Hawaii.
  • Bowman Termite is a supplier of a variety of pest services.
  • Bowman Termite currently has 45 employees and services over 1,800 pest management accounts on a regular basis and performs nearly 1,000 fumigations per year.
  • Bowman Termite has eight college graduates including a Masters graduate on our staff. We have an Entomologist, a Biologist, two Nurses, a Dental Hygienist and an Educational Technologist among us.
  • We, the employees of Bowman Termite will work smart and professionally to earn your business.
  • We would like to be of service. Mahalo!

Products & Services

Termite Inspections, Tent Fumigations, Termite spot treatments, Termite soil treatments, Sentricon Colony Elimination System, Termimesh, General Pest Control, Flea and Tick Control, Bed Bug Control, Little Fire Ant (LFA) Control, Bird Control, Bird Netting, Soffit Vent Installations, Rodent Control, Mosquito Control

Primary Company Location
253 Waiehu Beach Road
+ 2 more employees (view all)

Member Employees

  • Wakon Childers

  • Jill Childers

  • Evelyn Bowman

  • Jeff Bowman

  • Mae Balmores

Company Contact

Wakon Childers