Frequently Asked Questions

What is the population on Maui?
Over 141,000

Is there a bus system or some kind of public transportation?
Yes, Maui does have public transportation.
Click Here to view the Maui Bus schedule

Does the Maui Chamber of Commerce give out Visitor Information?
No, the Maui Chamber of Commerce is separate from the Maui Visitors Bureau. Please contact the Maui Visitors Bureau 1-800-525-6284 or www.visitmaui.com

Is it expensive to live in Maui?
Yes. The cost of living is one of the highest in the country.

What is the job market like in Maui?
Currently, the unemployment rate is very low and many of Maui’s employers are seeking qualified employees.

What is the average cost of a home in Maui?
An average single family home is over $600,000.

If I want to move to Maui, will I need to quarantine my pets?
You would need to confirm our quarantine laws with the Animal Quarantine at 1-808-483-7171.

Should I sell my car before I move to Maui, or should I ship it? (Do you have car dealerships in Maui?)
It is your choice, whether you want your vehicle shipped or if you choose to sell it prior to moving. However, if you have a loan on the automobile, you will need written permission from the lender to be presented to the shipping company before they will accept assignment. We do have many car dealerships on Maui in which you can purchase a new vehicle.

Who do I contact about shipping my household goods and my vehicles to Maui
You will need to contact any moving company and they will coordinate the shipping of your possessions. You must request door to door shipping quote, or you will find an extra charge to get your possessions delivered from our docks to your new home.

Is there a waiting period before I can get a job after relocating to Maui? (Do I have to establish residency for a certain period of time?)
Maui County is part of the United States, and we abide by the Constitution.

What is “Island Fever”?
Many people fall in love with Maui every year when they visit. But they typically only stay for an average of 10 days, and then return home. When a person moves to Maui, they sometimes experience “Island Fever” after being here for a certain amount of time. They have feelings of isolation, being out in the middle of nowhere. The Mainland is far away, and they cannot return home when ever they feel like it. A person who lives on Maui cannot get into their car and drive for miles and miles, to the next county or state.

Are there colleges on Maui?
Yes. We have Maui Community College (www.mauicc.hawaii.edu).

Is it expensive to live on the beach?
Yes, it is very expensive to live along the beach. Properties along the beach run in the millions of dollars range.

Does Maui have any active volcanoes?
Maui does not have any active volcanoes like the Big Island of Hawaii. Mount Haleakala on Maui is a dormant volcano that has not erupted since the 1790’s.

Does Maui have hurricanes?
The last hurricane to hit the state of Hawaii was Hurricane Iniki in 1992. Maui was not affected; however, one cannot predict the weather.

What is the average temperature on Maui?
Maui’s weather is typically in the 80 degrees range all year round. The average temperature varies only 3 degrees, at sea level, during the year.

Does Maui have a rainy season?
Maui’s rainy season is in the winter months of December-March. It does not rain constantly throughout the 3 month period, but there is an increased amount of precipitation.

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